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‘Symmetricity’ is free to read, view or listen to. It’s also a completely independent project – at the moment I am working without public funding or corporate sponsorship of any kind. Which means: I need your support…

Now, I realize it’s a bit presumptuous to ask for money up front for something that isn’t finished yet, so instead I’m asking you to consider buying some of my music… it’s all available on a name-your-price basis – my entire catalog of solo and group works!

Check it out over at and see if anything strikes your fancy. Take what you like and pay what you can afford – you’re buying directly from the artist, with no middleman, and every little bit helps me keep this project going (and occasionally, eat).

The other way you can help me is by telling your friends and otherwise helping me┬áspread the word through your network. Use one of the handy ‘Share’ buttons – like the one below!…

Thanks in advance!

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