Information about the Symmetricity contests (there are two):

  • the Brochure contest – the five collages in the Symmetricity Brochure encode a secret word that hints at later developments in the book. The first five people that contact me with the correct answer (privately please, so as not to spoil the fun for others ) will be eligible for one free CD of their choice from my catalog, shipping included.
  • the Really Big contest – each chapter of Symmetricity will have a ‘masthead’ illustration, and these will encode a secret message about the deeper meaning of the book itself. The first person to contact me with the correct answer and how they arrived at it, will be eligible for a WEEK-LONG TRIP TO BERLIN! Including personal guided tours with author/creator tobias tinker! Return flight from wherever you are and hotel will be included, as well as some meals (sponsorship and details not yet finalized).

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